Friday, 30 April 2010

back to the boil

today i was walking to the bank and it hit right in the face ther was this massive dead cat i went fucking crazy i climed over the fence to get it and it was covered in maggots and stank i brang it home and cut its head of with a meat knife it took ages and it smelt so bad that i had to wear a bandanna over my nose then i boiled it which dident take to long but the smell was something elese i was nearly sick my flat mate was gaging(wimp) after and hour of geting coverd in roting cat and smelling my flat out i throw the torso in the bin outside which stinks already and i own a cat skull stoked awww ive been drawing i will post up real soon


Suzi Kemp said...

aaah!!! i just watched gummo theres dead cats everywhere!!!

Grim said...

You fucking nutter, you told me about this haha!