Wednesday, 30 June 2010

sleeping embryo of mind illusion

ive been drawing loads of my books of collections that are in the making some of them are being published but im puting some stuff out myself for the great one i was with with jake snelling the other day i gave him a meat cleaver ive been skateboarding and going to the krsna temple yesterday i met lance mountain again and we talked about lots of differnt subjects ranging from god to skateboarding depreesion and success it was good to meet him again i even found some more jess the mess storys im illustarating the history of clowns for the last couple of weeks there is this clown called bozo he is always with me in every thought sometimes he trys to get me in trouble but he was the one who was telling me about illustating the history he dont like girls or drungs which some times he tells me off for we spend a lot of time together he makes me laugh all the time he wears two hats and eats buble gum and ice cream

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