Tuesday, 27 July 2010

great wisdom from above our sky

i havent been around to much the last couple of months i just got home from staying in the south west coast it was pretty fun but i feel on my leg and im not skateboarding now for couple of days ive not been drawing to much playing the sitar and reading thats all really norway next week then south amercia ive been skinging and collecting listing to a lot of Nikhil Banerjee very carm mood not really pissed of nothing elese i was with the most buetiful girls in the world and had the most amazing evening ever but that was last week .....skateboarding is the best thing in the world thats all singing off i got a bunch of new zines out i will post them up in the week and some photos of the never stoping collection

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Alana said...

these are wicked craig! I'll send you that email later, gonna find a skatepark in Newquay now!!