Wednesday, 2 March 2011

it aint no drawing

i just finished on the cobbles the story of bare knuckle boxer jimmy stocking i finished it in 2 days the shortist time ive ever read a whole book its an amaing book with so many remarkable accounts of this mand life you must be fucking tough to go throw how long some of them fights last threr is one fight that was over n hour long.nothing on your hands apart from blood and tears to the skin jem mace once fought for 3 hours bare knuckle but buy this book aslo another great read if your intrested in the history of boxing is king of the gypsys the bartly gorman story the man is one of my role models also sean medows is making his next film about him

also i got a text of fos last night about half 11 saying how he is at venice beach at the moment and jess the mess turned up he just sent me this photo

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