Friday 24 July 2009

slip of exestince

just made this small zine about sumos stoked there only £1.50 if you want one send me £1.50 in a s.a.e. to
craig scott
8 southwood road
ct5 2pn
great britian

Thursday 23 July 2009

nothing Else to say i got flex your head today 1983 discord comp stoked as a joke i also got a really sweet package from Jenn Reid and some lovenskate boards fucking Christmas

Tuesday 21 July 2009

i just got illustrations in make me magazine stoked


the last week Dan max maidstone john and myself have been up the grim north we skated loads of parks and had a real good time I'm stoked that i got to skate the best park in the world the ripped and the Blackpool full pipe and pool we also skated pump cage and Central as the weather was shit we never got to skate any of the out door parks its was real good trip we saw a dead woman in Manchester spent all our money on pizza the fist day i saw the house my dad was born in learnt backside boneless to fakie and frontside wallrides with no hands we also got to hang out with and i have fallen in love with the beautiful Jenn reid

Monday 13 July 2009

new shirts

me and Satan printed some new shirts today I'm real stoked with this graphic its my favorite shirt so far so buy one or die £10.00 including p-p
pronto contact me if interested
in black

in black again

oh year this is Toni the stick insect official road kill mascot he is getting massive did you know that these stick insect grown up to 6 inch's not including the legs......fucking hell

Wednesday 8 July 2009

right the road kill website is getting there Neil brown has just put up the interviews me and Dan done a while back were also working on a limited run of small printed zines and some other stuff so keep peeled as we are nearly hitting issue 10 of the most horrific zine on its face of the planet
so there is some Good stuff coming soon

Monday 6 July 2009

a bit more gore
today i got the bars since i was 14 and discoverd that black flag where the best band in the world iv wanted to get them when i was in school i used to draw them all the time and all the kids would go black flag are shit? thay had never even heard them thay where to busy listing to usher or some shit
There was a girl I knew She saw the prison inside She cursed her keeper And swore she'd get free Every time I See i got my hands wrapped around the bars i want out right now She led an angel's life On angel's wings Jumped out her apartment window And hit the street below Every time I See i got my hands wrapped around the bars i can't shut off my mind And now I've waited, my hands are wrapped around the bars I'm burning, my soul is pushed against the bars The bars, the lies, the lies, lies, lies Are trapped behind the bars My mind hates my body My body hates my soul close my eyes and fight Inside my own black hole Every time I See i got my hands wrapped around the barsI want out right now!I've lived my life I'm doing my time i realize life's lie Every time I seeI got my hands wrapped around the barsI can't shut off my mind And now I'm waiting, my hands are wrapped around the bars I'm burning, my soul is pushed against the bars The bars, the lies, the lies, lies, lies They're trapped behind my eyes

pure filth

finished this last night for turbo chainsaw

grab a copy at



Sunday 5 July 2009

illustration of woman in beneath photo 20 years after descending the grave

OK so here is the process of a drawing i always wanted to add sketch as i really like the look of work that is half made instead of the finished piece i shall post up the finished illustration tomorrow

lizzard in a lab coat

stoked just got lizard in a lab coat 2 i got back cover with a heel block and we got a small write up as well which is real cool you should really check this zine out as it one of the Best skate zines ever

Friday 3 July 2009

OK ready 3...2...1... there you go now your cold is gone poor frog he has that awful crock
so I've been a bit off the last couple of days drifting in and of thought but i have been collecting a lot of insects and skulls so the collection of strange things is getting bigger I've been working on a few small projects but my main is a zine i want to put out and wired collections here are just a few illustrations
awww i also have some work in this show

Thursday 2 July 2009

pure horror

just printed some new road kill shirts there is only 15 if you wnat one there £10.00 including p-p intrested? let us know