Friday 30 April 2010


back to the boil

today i was walking to the bank and it hit right in the face ther was this massive dead cat i went fucking crazy i climed over the fence to get it and it was covered in maggots and stank i brang it home and cut its head of with a meat knife it took ages and it smelt so bad that i had to wear a bandanna over my nose then i boiled it which dident take to long but the smell was something elese i was nearly sick my flat mate was gaging(wimp) after and hour of geting coverd in roting cat and smelling my flat out i throw the torso in the bin outside which stinks already and i own a cat skull stoked awww ive been drawing i will post up real soon

Tuesday 20 April 2010


the great late gorman i just read his biography he is one of many of my insprations


just filmed this for lovenskate well ages ago i havent posted anything up for ages ummm il put some drawings up real soon also new road kill t shirts a lot of skateboarding satyed the weekend with the great zombie saw joxa snelling and my wife jenn
awww filmed some gay bbc thing which you can see on also buy lovenskate stuff as there the best company in britian brainwash

Friday 2 April 2010

thats my boy

jake snelling one of my very good friends

i love jenn reid

i did a backside boneless on the whitstable extension yesterday

last night i spent £60.00 on star wars figures

my farther has a lot of romany gypsie blood in his family

im get to hang out with dan singer and matt collins

thats all