Thursday 9 December 2010


going to lovnskate is like going to the sweetshop or woolworths when your a kid its fucking rad when looking throught the board cubard stu pulled the archives out the first 2 boards i used to skate all the time when i was first put on thay where 8 inch when i was 16 now im 20 fucking hell....also jeff kendull blanks i shit it when i saw these just wait.....and the great stu smith fuuist man in skateboarding and good loyal friend and boss of course the screamimg foot garphic from so long ago in the words of jake snelling you well like like robert de niro in cape fear ......thanks stu for 4 years and all the rest coming for making me a part of lovenskate buy a board or hirt of one of the best companies in british skateboarding

Wednesday 8 December 2010


today my good friend jerome from shiner distro sent me this skull skates dead guys board as a christmas present which im fucked stoked with my board collection is geting well good ive been watching loads of simpsons i learnt wallie mellons last night ummmmm loads of work just done another shirt graphic for love n skatewhich will be out for christmas good present idea so buy one listing to disblive by prong awwww this is the wall of garbage pail kid cards in my room also i have a whole wall coverd in masks

Monday 6 December 2010


ivemade lots of drawings that are too big fr the scaner

Sunday 5 December 2010

la paz

mi corazon por las cholas

death rides a horse

film of the week this is not only one of the best western films but one of the best film ever made everything about it is perfect i really really like lee van cleef hes the best actor in the world if i was a women he would be my heart throb anyway music by morricone what elese so buy this film dont be a cunt and download it

Friday 3 December 2010


ive been drawing a lot looking out the window how white everything is is real nice like the christmas you always want christmas is still exciting im working on a step to step guide on how to shrink heads as now i know and have shrunken a few here is one drawing from the book in the middle of the pge the type will sit which im going to letter press im going to make a few of these for sale its a shame that most of the illustations are just a bit to big for my scanner but anyway here is a small fraction of my project when evevrything is done i will put a post showing the head i shrank itself aswell the book and more scans of the illustrations every night im watching cowboy films last night was lee van cleef in the grand duel its real good not to long utill christmas and till i can get the simpsons 11 season box set

singing out

Wednesday 1 December 2010

very very sad news

on sunday leslie nielsen died this is a massive blow to me massive im a really really big fan and i dont mean ive seen a bit of airplane i had near to every nielsen film made on vhs growing up with 100s of amazing great and geniu moments in comedy the naked gun films are probley the best films ever made and Wrongfully accused is bar far the funist thing i have even seen im going to leave with this clip
i cant belive hes dead
leslie nielsen you will be missed greatly Surely you can’t be serious.” “I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.”

new shirts

up from the tombs it apears to take another life that is near road kills good fiend tomic Tomislav has just done this new shirt modeled by the beautiful miss kennedy there £10.00 including p-p and stickers if you want one email or send £10.00 to

road kill zine
15 paulet road
se5 9hp