Sunday 29 March 2015

stoked but does everyone really need to know? maybe maybe not, people become happy when one is feeling good about them selfs

 my girlfriend kirsty got me the 10 east lungfish e.p which is pretty hard to find it was the only lungfish release i could never get hold of so i feel so stoked to own it, its only taken 9 years to track down a copy!!!!!
 i don't really like to advertise capitalism and show what i've got or bought but sometimes when you are inspired how can you not want to share it with the world (mike v says that in drive)  i don't really buy or want to own to-much the older i get, when i was a young 18 year old idiot with more money then sense i would collect a lot of stuff and waste money or complete rubbish, the older i have got i don't really buy anything to much  but i still like to buy music and books

 i'm stoked to have got my hands on all this stuff yesterday i went to all ages and got hold of some real good old hardcore stoked to get the koro stuff and state demos and the sudden death comp.......
 f Florida's finest,capitol punishment one of the most underrated hardcore bands of all time, gas rag to show there is still stuff going on, s.o.a. just to pretend im 15 again and relive what is was like discovering all the discord bands
 no need to explain..........
new castle and wigan with vengeance  Does Anyone Care Silence Is Consent