Sunday 23 October 2011

this will be the best one yet...

i just printed a massive run of these deathbox/roadkill t shirts in loads of different colour ways that have nearly all gone one of the best british companies ever so someone should rip the logo off.....not that no one has done before... so if you want one hit me up quick there £10.00 including p-p and stickers so email me or send money to
craig scott
14 eden road
ct5 4ap

Saturday 22 October 2011

death wheels...

i just got this jeff hastal texas plant death add in the new sidewalk the photo was taken by the west
rad rats

Friday 14 October 2011


im working on some drawings for a book im getting published here are a few so far ....


ride death wheels 100 percent tarmac terrorist scumbag skateboard crew the ongoing colection of things at my mothers house

some gems

i went to the boss house today and i got my hands on some gems the john lucero transworld interview and ........the neil blender thrasher issue which ive wanted since i was about 14

Thursday 6 October 2011


i skate really shit but im pretty shit at most things

More Skateboarding Videos

Monday 3 October 2011

toxic wasters

i just did a sticker for this caught in the cross fire show thing my sticker is shit but you should come anyway