Monday 17 June 2013

returning to orkney

i just made limited run of 100 orkney zines from when i hitchhiked around the islands and highlands of Scotland, they come out amazing and they're only £3.00 including p-p
email me if you want one

in a world apart

Monday 10 June 2013


i just come back to my mums for a week i got a bunch of boards i want ....but going to have to sell as i'm skint if anyone is interested email


so stoked my girlfriend come back a few days ago and brought me back the obscure F your are an E.P.
which is amazing F were an amazing band from Florida in the early 80s only releasing a few e.p's hay pressed around a 1000 i think and ended up smashing up half of them which is rad so super stoked to have this what sort of girlfriend brings a present back that good ...also i have been looking for the lewd discography and the crowd a world part for FUCKING AGES and found both of them so stoked.....