Thursday 18 March 2010

i skate for fun and thats it if i dont have fun your see me quit

some biggin hill photos i pissed of that fat huck boys as i was in a bad mood that day and was skating pretty bad sorry everyone who was around to put up with me

Wednesday 17 March 2010

role model

I've been drawing loads and I've lost my voice and I'm coughing up blood i feel real ill at the moment but I'm
stoked i got this grosso board of my really good friend rob couple days ago rob is fucking rad to the fact that he is one of the og London skateboarders and he is deaf i wrote him a letter asking him loads of questions about old skateboarders tricks spots and everything Else to do with skateboarding to he can replay perfectly in simple sign language he remembers Neil danns davross Lucian Hendrix loads of others he showed about latermiar road and loads of other stuff he also showed me some old photos of him skating vert and he FUCKING RIPPED fully extended inverts both ways airs both ways i find rob a massive inspiration and influence and being 20 i never thought id say it again a role model I'm stoked to be your friend rob thanks buddy

Tuesday 16 March 2010


this is what i wanted london to be like i used to wacth this everyday in the winter i still think the first 2 unabomber videos could be the best britsth videos ever made i have a lot of good memories watching this again the days of being 16 are well over


its just birds i want to draw in a differnt style

horse zine

i just had a spreder in this zine horse by james ... cant remember his second name its a rad zine get one
cheers james

Sunday 14 March 2010

my beloved jenn reid

this weekend i went to Manchester to see my beloved Jenn Reid I'm really stoked and this might be really gay as i always post up about zombies and hardcore but I'm so stoked to have hang out with the girl i love its been so long since i have seen her so I'm so stoked to have held and kissed her when i met her i cryed out of happiness that i got to be with her again then we went to pump cage which was really fun just like the first time i met her and could not stop thinking how amazing she was after we went back to hers ate pizza rolled around all night and kissed i keep getting butterfly's thinking about how much i love her then yesterday we went to Liverpool it was real fun it was so nice being with her we checked this gallery out then on the train she told me of for misbehaving then i feel asleep in her lap there is to much to write about how much i love Jenn Reid and how she is perfect and the most beautiful girl in the world I'm so stoked to be with her again i woke up next to the most amazing girl in the world this morning I'm the happiest man in the world to have the most perfect girl in the world aw and i got the first crucifix album for 9 quid i Love you Jenn Reid and i will spend the rest of my lif with you

Monday 8 March 2010

millwall till i die

also just did this for undergrime a short story about my farther

fucking hell birthday ever

fucking hell im 20 years old now i had the best birthday ever i got to spend it with some of my closist friends and we all skated hard and slamed harder and that dont mean me forgeting about the love seat at ammring im talking about slaming all night thrashing to sss talking about goblins seeing jake snelling on top form and meeting bram and nick worthig i cant say thnk you enough to bram who gave me an og.powell mike vallely shirt a bag full of 80s issues of r.a.d skateboarder transworld and thrahser and best of all a skull skates banner also jake gave me this hand cut board which i will be seting up tonight thank you to the whould crew that made this the best birthdat ever it was also really good to skate with sam roberts again thrsher of be thrahsed 20 years of fucking chaos

turbo chainsaw zine

i got a couple of drawings in the new turbo chainsaw zine go buy one pronto


here are some drawings ive been really into neil blenders stuff also listing to dinosuar jr aswell ummm yeah stoked im 20 now god!