Wednesday, 17 March 2010

role model

I've been drawing loads and I've lost my voice and I'm coughing up blood i feel real ill at the moment but I'm
stoked i got this grosso board of my really good friend rob couple days ago rob is fucking rad to the fact that he is one of the og London skateboarders and he is deaf i wrote him a letter asking him loads of questions about old skateboarders tricks spots and everything Else to do with skateboarding to he can replay perfectly in simple sign language he remembers Neil danns davross Lucian Hendrix loads of others he showed about latermiar road and loads of other stuff he also showed me some old photos of him skating vert and he FUCKING RIPPED fully extended inverts both ways airs both ways i find rob a massive inspiration and influence and being 20 i never thought id say it again a role model I'm stoked to be your friend rob thanks buddy

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