Friday 30 December 2011


i dont really think about this stuff much i don't really think about anyone to much not myself not the kids i know or the people i see on a daily basis everyday i just think fuck this place people get more stupid by the fucking day i don't even like looking on the internet that much its killed so much stuff anyway whats the point in going on and on its all shit one thing that does me me happy is a young danzig..oh and frankie let the day began

this and then....

art school is shit everything is intruded and ruined whats cool about upside dow crosses whats cool about looking like a cunt
girls looking depressed what the fuck is up with everything and everyone funny haircuts shitty gay looking rolled up trousers everything is so stupid whats the deal with everything being and looking so gay everything one thinks the world owns them a living i get pretty down about the whole world fuck...what..triangles fucking hell whats going on

Friday 9 December 2011

song of the week

this is the song of the week all you gay art school girls that think its cool to wear black flag shirts can download the whole discography and then say you like it...and all you skate punk boys that don't really skate can be like yeah NERCO' man
the difference is be like us be like them its all the same it don't matter

Tuesday 6 December 2011


i met and interviewed eric dressen on Saturday for kingpin he was rad thats all
just for your entreatment here is a picture of my desk

rollaway skate shop

im really stoked i just did this add for rollaway skateshops newest rider the one and only jake snelling im real pleased how this come out

Thursday 1 December 2011

kingpin interviews

ive been meaning to put these up for a while ive started to do a questions with questions page for kingpin im really stoked and honoured to be able to meet some of the most inspirational skateboarders of all time thanks to kingpin knowing that im a complete skate history nerd here are my interviews with tony alva and Rodney mullen this coming Saturday im interview eric dressen and i cant fucking wait i can get all the tim jackson info i have been looking for and loads more venice stories..ha