Tuesday 30 August 2011

eastern europe destruction

me and snelling just got back off the confussion trip to Slovenia there is to much to write about but I'm sure your hear about it sooner or later


even richard nixon has got soul

Tuesday 23 August 2011


about a month ago i went to Paris with Dan Jake snelling and Dan cates it was a real good trip here are some photos me cates and snelling are off to Slovenia tomorrow all i want to listen to is neil young thats all

Tuesday 2 August 2011

last thing

last thing i just printed a load of stickers so all orders come with stickers


i just reprinted a load of zines the orkney island ones which are my travel writings from the islands from the beginning of this year there £1.50 including p-p and looking at whitstable which is a brief history of my home town there £2.50 including p-p or for both of them £3.50 including stickers if you would like one please email me heroinismyskateboarding@hotmail.com

before and after

bill danforth sighting i skated this pool a couple days ago

heroin board

im stoked to have got a box of the heroin boards that i just did i only have one left now....so thats mine this is it with the original drawing