Thursday 24 January 2013


i just come back off a small trip from paris we went to film for the heroin video the ongoing battle of loving and hating skateboarding continues battling with winter elements and trying to stop yourself from smashing your teeth in out of complete frustration i love skateboarding i hate skateboarding

Monday 14 January 2013


so on new year i did get to skate fell in a full pipe and eat shit. rad my friend if i wanted to go to amsterdam to see a diane arbus exhibition tickets where really cheap we got to go to the zoo and i picked up some good stuff cheap but now i just got to carry it around with me stoked i did get society gone madd e.p for 5 euros and an amazing 1990 bart simpson whistling doll

new year..

battling with winter blues is the hardest thing in the world heart broken loneliness no being on a skateboard everyday can break you down but when you with the best people it dont matter if you dont skate for a few days as its just as fun messing around with guns with maidstone john drunk on new years eve i