Tuesday 31 July 2012

nothing but a g thang....?

went to some crazy bbq place next to compton the other and thought why not? ha skated with lance mountain as well

Sunday 29 July 2012

so far......

a few days ago i went to the baker offices which was fucking crazy more skateboards then i have ever seen in my life it was rad to see how everything works pretty crazy i got to hang out in the art dep. and see all the graphics come together which was amazing it was real fun then yesterday i got to go to venice which was pretty fun i was bummed that i didnt get to meet jesse Martinez but hung out in the shop with his son which was real crazy i heard some good stories to canadna on wednesday rad.....

Tuesday 24 July 2012

craig scott's head exploding terror

here is a better photo of the ditto press book the book also has a dust jacket that wraps around and acts as a pull out poster i'm stoked these come today as off tommmrow im going to be making my way around the u.s of a for the next three months so as the saying just in the nick of time comes to mind

ditto neil danns and other rubbish

this come in the post today .....after a long time working with ditto the book we have been working on is just about to be released i'm not going to show to much but here is a small look into whats install visit www.dittopress.co.uk to order a copy and check info about stockists keep your eyes peeled also the article i did for sidewalk is all about neil danns this month so pick up a copy of sidewalk...rad thats it

Saturday 21 July 2012

here is a better picture of the source boards and in other news....... mabey you should buy from here! www.altarskateshop.co.uk www.altarskateshop.co.uk www.altarskateshop.co.uk www.altarskateshop.co.uk www.altarskateshop.co.uk

Wednesday 18 July 2012

source boards

out now from the source skate shop in canada

Tuesday 17 July 2012

creating space

im not really sure why this is reavent to anything i'm going away and selling a lot of my things i have had to recreate a space for items and objects as i have been at my mothers house for the last week or so i have spent a lot of time on my own taking the time to think about the meantal presession of obejects and the effects thay have on you as a human being i have created this new space storgae for some off the things i own the mind is no longer cluttered like the room


i have got these small zines about the memory behind collecting there £1.50 each £1.00 p-p if you want one email me heroinismyskateboarding@hotmail.com or send the money in a self adressed evolope to craig scott 14 eden road whitstable kent ct5 4ap england be quick as i only have a few left

ditto press

for a while i have ben working on a book with ditto press its an on take of old 1980s horror film style posters its now in it's last stages it will be out very soon here are some test prints from the book

confusion shirt

i just did this t shirt for the great confusion skateboard magazine so go buy one www.confuzine.com

Saturday 7 July 2012

when life is on repeat its time to move on.

i have just finished up at college i have a degree and am completely burnt out living in london i have decided to move all my stuff back to my mums house in kent spend a week sorting through everything and sell a majority of things i own i just ordered a ticket to the united states of amercia i'm going to stay for a short amount of time..

Thursday 5 July 2012

mike vallely

when i was younger i loved mike v and well i still do....i had the chance to interview him which was amazing so here it is,rad
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