Tuesday 31 May 2011

looking at whitstable vol.1

ive just made this small book about the rich history of my home town Whitstable each illustration is accomplished by a information and the history behind the illustration there £3.50 including p-p so contact me if you want one

here are a few illustrations in the book

new t shirts

a lot of the time you can have a bad day like when you get a flat tire or you get punched like when you drop your dinner on the floor or your going to make it with a girl and then they don't want to like when your going to get paid and you don't see no money if fact everyday is shit but the worst thing you can do id buy a road kill shit i mean what a waste of time and effort
road kill id the only company that pisses the bed and the thought of success

so if you want one there £10.oo including p-p and stickers email me heroinismyskateboarding@hotmail.com
true skateboarding in a false world

Tuesday 17 May 2011

proper dickhead

this was filmed a while back where my sleeve is rolled up it looks like im wearing a proper gay short sleeve shirt and when i talk about my uncle i seem well aggro well funny

Tuesday 10 May 2011

concrete hermit

a couple of months ago i got asked to do some work for concrete hermit for the somerset pick me up show i made a drawing for a print to go in a limited print run box set that have sold like hot cakes in the shop there selling them for £35.00 but i have 5 print boxes left and im selling them for £20 including p-p which is a bargin...you would of thought id stole of the back of a lorry

in the words of concrete hermit

This, our first special print box-set, features artwork by some of our favourite up and coming illustrators - Craig Scott, Evgenia Barinova, Matt Bromley, Linus Kraemer and Thomas Boswell. Each print box contains five signed and numbered prints and some information on each of the artists. These print boxes are a great introduction to these artists and a fantastic way to start, or add to a print collection.

Special Edition box-set launched at Somerset House, London.
5 signed and numbered Giclee Prints
Edition of only 100
A4 Size

so if you want one please email me

Monday 9 May 2011

kingpin craig questions issue

ive got a 2 page interview in the new kingpin magazine a check out and the con tense page aswell as the subscribe page with the shirt graphic i did a month or so back sam roberts rang me to say the issue was rad what is it ....the craig questions issue the scans are a bit shit so go pick up a copy

Tuesday 3 May 2011

roll out

Format Perspective Preview - Alex Irvine from Philip Evans on Vimeo.

my good friend has just produced this film about skateboard photographers and im in it fucking killing it in ever aspect of the word phill evens is a very good film maker and you can see more of his stuff here www.aulpups.com