Sunday 29 November 2009

another frontside grind at the Autumn bowl
this kid was real cool but i cant rember his name .......he did do a frontside wallie
2 days before i got to new york
we skated kcdc ramp which was pretty fun but we wernt really feeling it so we both found more amusement with a rubber tube
the most unusually skateboard related rule i have ever seen
fucking hell i wanted to meet harry jumoji so much it when we got to Autumn on one of the lockers was some text by the man himself
one day ........
proper whitstable times action shot

Friday 27 November 2009

right i hate computers and i want to eat so fuck this post off i got loads of funny photos i will post up in the week
fucking hell i went it to this shop and this was inhere stoked
OK today i got back from new york which was real sick what an epic place I've always wanted to go since i was a kid now I've gone i might as well die....nah I'm just joking I'm real happy it was so good to spend a long time with josh checkley i have never noticed how funny that boy is hes got real talent on a skateboard and in life hes like my mentor i feel he looks after me we got to skate through traffic eat loads of sweets climb on on fire escapes talk to girls ummm and a bunch of other stuff

Sunday 15 November 2009

flesh eater

horror film poster for college this is not the full illustation

Friday 13 November 2009


unfinished page in my sketch book
awww started painting a bit watch out chuck close...Craig's in town
this is one of my college briefs its about acid rain its in the wrong order so look at it from the bottom up

right so here is some drawings for you i feel pretty good i spent over a £100 the other day on garbage pail kids cards gameboy games and other things that i had as a kid oh and i got a monster munch t shirt in the post yesterday

at the moment I'm really into m.o.d the first s.o.d. album Joe Coleman street trash toxic avenger and not screen printing i have to wait a month before i can make my 5 colour print but keep your eyes peeled out of there sockets for my nuclear brain washing

hey can anyone remember real monsters

Thursday 5 November 2009

the only god i know

fuck off


time to moan i rolled my foot real bad I'm not going to be able to skate for about 2 weeks this will be the longest time in 6 years that i have not put my foot on my skateboard i live in London which is full of cool kids and fucking art faggots i hate everything i hate art students i hate art school i hate the way skateboarding is cool skateboarding is for fuck head losers if you have never been beaten pushed around hated raped abused or had a shit time in every aspect of social circles and you skate FUCK OFF your not a real skateboarder we are a breed of hated anti social youth and we want it to stay that way if your parents buy you a new board everytime you snap it not being able to land a switch 360 kickflip fuck off hey who inverted the frontside invert?

i hate skateboarding and life because of all of you

Sunday 1 November 2009

fresh from the grave

no way the great callum Abbot pat McDonald's lost brother is wearing the new animal john limited pro series t shirt
hey guys have you ever done a tail drop i printed these this week very limited i have about 10 left there £8.00 including p-p let us know
also our newist rider Freddy has got a shit on road kill there 8 pounds as well so get one before bedtime
one two freddy coming for you