Thursday, 5 November 2009

fuck off


time to moan i rolled my foot real bad I'm not going to be able to skate for about 2 weeks this will be the longest time in 6 years that i have not put my foot on my skateboard i live in London which is full of cool kids and fucking art faggots i hate everything i hate art students i hate art school i hate the way skateboarding is cool skateboarding is for fuck head losers if you have never been beaten pushed around hated raped abused or had a shit time in every aspect of social circles and you skate FUCK OFF your not a real skateboarder we are a breed of hated anti social youth and we want it to stay that way if your parents buy you a new board everytime you snap it not being able to land a switch 360 kickflip fuck off hey who inverted the frontside invert?

i hate skateboarding and life because of all of you

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Ophie said...

I'm a lame art fag too I'm in your class I'll hang out with you if you let me