Sunday 28 June 2009

i haven't posted anything for ages may reason being that Dan pat and myself have been working on an a1 illustration for a show coming up in a week or so at the horse bridge gallery in whitstable I've been skateboarding loads reading tales from the crypt and getting my own going collection of odd things bigger I've got some illustrations to post up in the week

but for now il leave you with a picture of french in this months sidewalk reping roadkill cheers french

Saturday 20 June 2009

Monday 15 June 2009

stoked today i printed some shirts for the one and only pat (spat zine)
I'm real stoked that the shirts came out real good and that i got to print some of pats artwork now you should go buy one

Sunday 14 June 2009

so my cabinets of curiosity is really coming on my insect collection is getting much bigger and I'm finding boiling and collecting skulls day by day awww I've also been illustrating sumo wrestlers for some time now after finding a sumo wrestling magazine in my bedroom?
also 1970s bus's and i also bought a train annual a couple of days ago so watch out il post some more illustrations up soon as I've been a bit slack

first breath after coma

so we where on the news and in the paper........again I'm real bummed out that Dan and myself both gave real good answer to why all this happened expalaining that drug dealers do not get raided and that we where just scribbling on some walls (note that half the stickers and tags where not us) and where both pleased with the interviews which where used for tv to then find that reading the article that the media had completely made up answers for us i said that i think tags are really cool? which makes me sound fucking stupid to everyone that will read this i was also real fucked off about this whole turn out and also that i wore a devo energy dome to the interview and could not wear it i argued to the point that because of personal choice that i was not allowed to wear it i still argued that i feel it is unfair that because somebody does not like something that i have to take it off as the public will find it uneasy into me wining the argument i was threatened to be taken to court over it
taken to court over a devo energy dome
you win again guys
thanks a lot km for making me look fucking stupid
fuck you very much

Tuesday 9 June 2009


just some things i have been illustrating the last couple of days
awwww check this out I'm stoked

its been ages since I've wanted to put anything on my blog so for the last or week or so I've been listening to loads of nirvana which sounds well gay as the amount of twat that's rave on about Kurt Cobain being god and the uncountable times i see nirvana shirts is horrid i used to listen to them all the time which i was at school but after coming across never mind i thought id just listen to it and its a real good album i re bought all the other stuff i had of there's and to say the least there are a really good band
on yeah and Kurt Cobain's daughter is well fit

Saturday 6 June 2009

Wednesday 3 June 2009

R.I.P adam beany

this morning my mum told me about a 19 year old boy being stabbed in faversham and dying when my mum said the boy was called Adam beany it came as a shock as he was one of my old friends through for the first couple of years in secondary school it was always me Adam and will perry that used to hang out get in trouble and fail trying to bunk lessons together Adam was always full of energy and i don't think i ever saw him unhappy when i found this picture of him that's exactly how i remember Adam always with a massive smile on his face and ready to piss a teacher of some way or another its sad to have heard that such a good chacter had suffered in such a horribly way your be missed buddy

Tuesday 2 June 2009

thay tell us that we lost our tails

stoked apart from getting a bird eating spider in the post i got an devo energy dome (finally) so here it is did you know that devo are most know for there yellow jump suits and red energy domes but but both where never worn together during photo shoots until about the mid 80s as the energy dome concept came around during the third devo album freedom of choice this is when Jerry and mark pronounced that devo had failed miserably as a band as there was no creativity left as for the yellow jump suits that came before devo where ever signed the jump suits is to represent the rubber town in which devo are from