Sunday 14 June 2009

first breath after coma

so we where on the news and in the paper........again I'm real bummed out that Dan and myself both gave real good answer to why all this happened expalaining that drug dealers do not get raided and that we where just scribbling on some walls (note that half the stickers and tags where not us) and where both pleased with the interviews which where used for tv to then find that reading the article that the media had completely made up answers for us i said that i think tags are really cool? which makes me sound fucking stupid to everyone that will read this i was also real fucked off about this whole turn out and also that i wore a devo energy dome to the interview and could not wear it i argued to the point that because of personal choice that i was not allowed to wear it i still argued that i feel it is unfair that because somebody does not like something that i have to take it off as the public will find it uneasy into me wining the argument i was threatened to be taken to court over it
taken to court over a devo energy dome
you win again guys
thanks a lot km for making me look fucking stupid
fuck you very much

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