Monday 29 October 2012

ditto press book launch

Please join us at Beach on Cheshire Street on Thursday 8th November to scab free drinks, stand outside smoking and talk about maybe buying a copy of Craig Scott's brand new book, "Head Exploding Terror," published by Ditto Press. Craig Scott is an illustrator and skater, representing Heroin Skateboards. His shared love of trashy horror films with the staff at Ditto gave rise to this collection of imaginary movie posters, drawn in layers by hand and expertly stencil printed in-house at Ditto Press. Revel in the visual delights of "Nuclear Disfigurement" and "Psycho Brain", and enjoy the nostalgic feeling of browsing through videos in the local 7-eleven, guessing what ghoulish frights the films would provide. To top it all off, the book cover is foil blocked and wrapped in a silver card 4-colour screen printed jacket. Beach London 20 Cheshire Street, E2 6EH London,

Tuesday 16 October 2012

confusion magazine

i'm stoked i just did this shirt graphic for confusion magazine you should buy one as the mag is fucking rad get one here

Sunday 14 October 2012


here are my 2 now and then articles for sidewalk stoked its really inportant that you support skateboard magazines and not just relie on the internet keep skateboarding ours and not theres on a last note im just staying at my mums and spending any spare time achriving and ordering my sticker collection.............what a waste of time


when i was away i stayed with the ba.ku guys and they got me on gullwing which is a fucking honour or as some of the best skateboardrs ever rode for gullwing lee raplph,gator,jasson jesse stoked i got all this good stuff when i went to visit them which was rad stoked

u.s.of a 2 the revenge

u.s of the a

rad i just got back from the states it was fucking rad so much good stuff happened got to hang out with loads of rad people there was loads of old fire trucks, epic spots,drew merrimen, meet up with the scottlands finest adam paris, pretty girls, old wooden schools? john mhas boards fucking hell to much rad stuff got to meet a lot of my heros and go skateboarding everyday thats all rad rad rad to

Sunday 7 October 2012

oh yeah stoked on this

fucking rad.....

me and fos went to a swap meet today (American car butty) i have never seen so much good stuff in one place in all my life fucking hell........old toys punk records madrid stickers the lot it was like a dream for the last say 10 years i wanted a clapping monkey got on to day (mind you it is broke and stinks of piss) sick head here are just a few gems i got before i nearly had a heart attack i wish dan singer and jake snelling were with me

Tuesday 2 October 2012

john lucero

this morning my good friend compton drove down to blitz where black label are and i got the chance to interview my favorite skateboarder of all time john lucero the interview was supposed to be 15 minutes but turned out to be an hour and a half. tales of neil blender Ricky Barnes silk screen printing at Madrid getting ripped off fuck its the best interview i have ever done and i cant believe that i got to hang out with one of my biggest idol and go through all the archives of lucero history FUCKING STOKED....