Monday 29 October 2012

ditto press book launch

Please join us at Beach on Cheshire Street on Thursday 8th November to scab free drinks, stand outside smoking and talk about maybe buying a copy of Craig Scott's brand new book, "Head Exploding Terror," published by Ditto Press. Craig Scott is an illustrator and skater, representing Heroin Skateboards. His shared love of trashy horror films with the staff at Ditto gave rise to this collection of imaginary movie posters, drawn in layers by hand and expertly stencil printed in-house at Ditto Press. Revel in the visual delights of "Nuclear Disfigurement" and "Psycho Brain", and enjoy the nostalgic feeling of browsing through videos in the local 7-eleven, guessing what ghoulish frights the films would provide. To top it all off, the book cover is foil blocked and wrapped in a silver card 4-colour screen printed jacket. Beach London 20 Cheshire Street, E2 6EH London,

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