Wednesday 30 December 2009

i wish i was an abortion i hate everything skateboarding sucks girls are faggots i hate my family i hate my friends why am i here I'm stuck in fucking whitstable until the 5th i fucking hate it here Jenn Reid don't want to talk to me again i haven't draw in ages it rains everyday i haven't skated in days I'm stuck in a house with damp and no heating its freezing everyday

Wednesday 23 December 2009

stoked i got some stuff off the great and very funny Jake Davies today Christmas presents but i opened them anyway he sent me this stuff but also this lucero sticker which I'm fucking stoked on being a lucero fan but Jake always sends good stickers no matter what last time a zorlac one
but anyway none of this matters well it does I'm fucking stoked thanks Jake

christmas blood feast

new shirts back print

detailed back print
front print

detailed front print you know the drill there a £10.00 including p-p and stickers and whatever Else is on my desk at the time send money to
craig scott
Flat 120 room a block e Bernard Myers House
4-6 havil street camberwell
London SE5 7RU
United Kingdom
merry fucking Christmas

Tuesday 22 December 2009

i used to watch propaganda everyday rob kirk gave me this stoked

Saturday 19 December 2009


OK I've just seen gremlins as i just have never bothered watching it i think its a real good film and have fallen in love with it well there is a gizmo on my desk kicking it right now
fuck when i was a kid i never had any friends so after school i used to go to the video shop on my own everyday just to look at all the horror films there was so many good painted covers now all film posters are shit
but this one i always remember because somebody had ripped it in half redrew it and placed it back in the cover which to me as a kid was the coolest thing ever

my brother showed this to me when i was a kid we used to have it on betermax the case was massive this was not the same case we had but its one of the best horror films ever .....well slashers ever
so anyway I'm going to post up some drawings soon also there has been some new road kill shits out and the new zines is out issue 9 email for a copy

i feel wired I've lost Jenn Reid its good to be able to hang out with Dan and the whitstable wrecking crew again i haven't been updating as i don't really feel like it....

my horror film collection is getting massive here is some stuff not to do with anything or really to do with everything as its shaped my life

Thursday 3 December 2009

oh my god

fucking hell oh my god i don't even know what to say apart from I'm the happiest man in the whole fucking world i met Dave glover a bout a week ago he was real cool hand he complemented me for my skateboarding we talked about the 80s he told me about how is going to start a company with real good and massive boards he told me to write my address he had something i would be stoked on so i did and i never thought anything about it i just got home from frenchs show which was sick to this package of greatness so Dave if you see this please email as i have a lot of stuff back in return

thank you so much Dave glover