Thursday 29 October 2009

oh yeah and leslie nielsen since i was a kid i have thought that he could be one of the funnist men in the world

nothing much just an insight

john k
ian mackay

dan lidenstruth

neil blender

Monday 26 October 2009

ummmm stuff

thumbs up to rip grip i cant do any grab tricks at all who ever says thyt cant skate because thay have a bad thumb .......craig
me and Dan just did a t shirt for lovenskate the graphic is real old i got ten there £8.00 including p-p if you want one drop us a line sucka
front of the shirt
ummm me griping my board thats it
right my friend gave me this amazing zine e its so good i really love SAM Roberts so i think you should get this now check the links on the side and get one get one get one

Saturday 24 October 2009

the man the myth the legend

watch out for the new kill shirts comming soon

have you seen him?

Tuesday 20 October 2009

tim jackson

oh my god the man the myth the legend tim jackson has an interview in this months juice and i have read it its crazy for years i have wanted to know what happend to the wall ride king and now i know everything its sad to think a puzzle i ahev wanted to complete has now come to an end after 4 year i know now know all im saying is watch what s.m.a skateboards have lined up also
some anatomy i have been working on
some sketch book faces pretty shit...................
these ones are shit aswell but im learning to draw people better
and some watercolour fish being from whitstable what do you expect

anyway i have been drawing loads and loads infact more ow then i have done for a while so i have about 5 skecth books im working on also some journals im going to be relasing which im excited about containg illustations based on nature and scienice so stay tuned

oh yeah i haveent ben skateboarding for 4 days my ankle hurts to walk on so geting quite frustrated but been watching lods of blue planet

Sunday 11 October 2009

but wait theres more

more sketch book pages

is there anybodie in there

oh right then its been a while I've been skateboarding loads and drawing evermore and ummmm.....eating loads and loads of Snickers i just finished the answer is never if your a real skateboarder i recommend it if your a fake skateboarder i recommend the bam biography I'm real stoked about going to new york so yeah that's it really there is a bunch of new road kill shirts out but I'm not posting any pictures so send some dollar and get a surprise oh yeah here is a sidewalk review we had last month and its also a brothers from different's review oh yeah i have an lovenskate add in this months sidewalk so that's a double wamey right i feel bad about talking so much about myself so Dan made some really amazing prints you should get one and .....................that's it everything is OK oh yeah