Sunday, 11 October 2009

is there anybodie in there

oh right then its been a while I've been skateboarding loads and drawing evermore and ummmm.....eating loads and loads of Snickers i just finished the answer is never if your a real skateboarder i recommend it if your a fake skateboarder i recommend the bam biography I'm real stoked about going to new york so yeah that's it really there is a bunch of new road kill shirts out but I'm not posting any pictures so send some dollar and get a surprise oh yeah here is a sidewalk review we had last month and its also a brothers from different's review oh yeah i have an lovenskate add in this months sidewalk so that's a double wamey right i feel bad about talking so much about myself so Dan made some really amazing prints you should get one and .....................that's it everything is OK oh yeah

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