Thursday 2 September 2010

the south of ....

here is a photo from the 80s rev jame a couple weeks ago it was rad apart from dickhead dan charged me a tenner for a free event cheers no wounder nobody come to rev but mark got this photo im pretty stoked this is the last post for a while as im going to south america on wednesday which should be fucking rad i acnt wait its rad how much skateboarding has given me im able to travel around the world meet some of the greatist people and be away from some of the gayist skateboarding is the best thing in the world fos is the best skateboarder ever apart from jess the mess so thats it really everything is good and skateboarding has saved me again
craig questions scott......g.s.d

Wednesday 1 September 2010

footage who me no

the tour was so much fun we made loads of new friends