Friday 29 October 2010


i anint been out of my house for ages well i have but ive been drawing so much oh yeah where is it as you always post up drawings ....fuck off i swear soon i will put up more drawings then you can shake a stick at here are some photos of a ramp i skate in bolivia its funny as thay look like post cards the ramp was built next to an inca ruin when the ramp was built thay dug up 6 inca skulls anyway ive been drawing a lot of ships as ive been researching my grandfarthers history in the navi serving a a main captin for a navial marine in world war 2 and reading a lot about wild west and alchemy thats all i aint skated for ages as im not to intrested in skateboarding but im going to the witchcraft jam on sunday at kings park which should be really good also i saw french the other day and he gave me a load of frames for a show i have work in coming up so thank you french over and out dan dare

Saturday 16 October 2010


going to the amazon was one of the best things i have ever done it was only me and stu there it was only me and stu which was rad i brought back loads of insects and never got any thing taken away

Wednesday 13 October 2010

weekend destruction

before i went away all the road kill wrecking crew plue everyone elese in skateboarding went to the shorham and hastings weekend jam which was a right fucking laugh here is some footage of the hastings higlights it was a real good turn out teabag gave me a oj wheels shirt which im fucking stoked on jake snelling pulled a knife on a girl and we all talked loads of shit....well that what skateboarders do all the time aint it?

Sunday 10 October 2010

the wild west

the good the bad and the ulgy is the best film i have ever seen to wacth a film and feel like a child again being caught in your own small world of robbing trains gun fights escaping the loose bank hold ups the civil war ohhhh my . get so excited
anyway for the past about 8 months ive been reading a lot about the wild west mainly about native amercians now the civil war and gold miners im going to start making zines about the history of persific cultures wwll just time in history im intrested in i get so excited thinking about it i can hardley wait

Saturday 9 October 2010

south america

last night i got back from south america its wired being home well atr my mums the skys are grey and nobody lives here anymore there are too many stories to write on my blog the trip was really really good apart from loosing loads of camra equipment but all the footage has been saved me and stu must of travel over 10 thousands miles no joke and made more jokes then a couple of 15 year olds on a school trip the park in quito was real good but so jard to skate and there are some amazing storys of the history all the locals where fucking cool then we travled up to tenner which for me was the best part of the trip as we stayed in the amazon OH MY GOD i saw somw of the best things i have ever seen in my life not to mention i brought loads of insects back for my collection one night we saw a scorpian spider the size of mt face it was well gnarly there is a pisture above so just imaage how big also i opend the door to our cabban to see a foot long milipeda scutter up the wall also a cocaroach the size of my hand moths the size of humming birds and then me and stu found a gun but... thats another story after we made it to puru then to get stuck there and stay in a cerial killers house we also got stuck in the desert which was fucking rad i found loads of bones and a larma leg ther is to much but the whole trip was amazing there is going to be a lovenskate zine all about it i had sex with a really fit latino girl that spoke no english...awww and eveything i brought back i got back with no trobule including insects a larma fetuis loads of perserved animlas bones and carved maks my collection is geting massive i want to put a picture up also i have fallen in love with the chola women there the most intrsting race of people i have ever coem across im going to start a zine about the history of them anyway ther is far to much to write but thank stu smith for evrything