Wednesday 30 September 2009

lance mountain

a couple of nights ago i had the change to meet one of my childhood hero's lance mountain i still cant believe that i meet one of the biggest pinors in skateboarding we talked for a good half an hour about old skateboarding Jason Jessee Neil blender and anything Else i have spent years wounding about i told lance how i made a lot of fanzines and printed shirts handing him some stuff he seemed stoked then i had to leave my friend then rushed to me to show me a photo of lance mountain wearing the road kill shit that i gave him i know this is not a big deal to anyone but to me its the world

Sunday 27 September 2009

beard show

so me dan and pat have some illustrations in this show real soon i think you should get down there its going to be a good one

bits of nothing

ummm went skateboarding with fos zombie johhners josh casper and some more skateboarders today pretty fun and made this illustration i have not the internet or computer so these posts are going to be like gold dust im going home this week to print some more t shirts so stay tuned sucka

Wednesday 23 September 2009


yeah i got this add in sidewalk this month its cool but i can do them frontside with no hands to me i feel that is an achievement i really love the skateboard on the walls or the one foot on the floor and when you pop the board of the curb into the road and go through the cars i nearly got run over on the way to stockwell

neil blender is one of my favorietys

oh yeah mike yourserfpoor

new shirts oh yeah and some new drawings

wow new shirts they suck hey i live in london now i get to skate stockwell ever day listen to weather report and wake up in the city so yeah here you go some new shirts modeled by the great josh chclkley my new best skateboard companion

oh yeah so if you want one plus badges and patches send a tenner to

craig scott
flat 120 room A
block E
bernard myers house
4-6 havil street
se5 7ru

oh some drawings tomorrow

Wednesday 16 September 2009

ummm stuff

i have just moved to london i have no computer and ive been skateboarding loads drawing ummm this and that here is a photo i got with the one and only neil brown there are more on is flicker we got a road kill review in this months sidewalk i printed some new shirts and made some more books i will put them up when i can keep it fresh oh no way check out this