Thursday 27 August 2009

dont be mistaken

printed some hats today ummm rad.....i guess there 6 quid incliding p-p if you want one let us know oh yeah you should buy one then watch this then prefect your ken mugiure one foot speed checks when are you going to grow up?i have skateboarding and thats the fountain of youth

friend to friend in endtime

sam rips frontside airs check out

Wednesday 26 August 2009

drawing drawing

Ive been drawing mad the last couple of weeks working on a book of illustration of dungoness i don't want to post them up as it will ruin the book I'm going to stitch bind it and its going to be a limited run of 20 i have about 20 illustrations left

also i just got the egg hunt 2 song ep which is really really good you can really hear how embrace came next the second song we fall down was going to be an embrace song but was passed down I'm really into this ep

also also i slipped out of a nose pick meaning no skateboarding for a bout a week due to a trapped nerve so that means loads more drawing and printing new road kill shirts coming this week and mesh hats


Matt bromley and Dan singer talking about ......something i guess?
mothers meeting


i have the worst front side air in skateboarding

Neil blender no wait....umm don fisher no i mean no Craig Scott
oh yeah the weekend was real fun it was real good to skate with everyone but Matt fell pretty bad but everything was real good

Thursday 20 August 2009

jims ramp jam.....well ok toms ramp jam

yesterday we skated toms ramp its real sick good tranny coping of kings and all the older guys ripping it out of salba
stink bug air

no Jeff Phillips but what do you do........i know a boneless

at the end of the night we all sat down and had a barbecue and talked about skateboarding in the 80s it was a real good night in the photo is our mate little rob he used to do backside inverts when he was 12!


so ive been well busy so havent put anytghing up for ages im working on this book of illustrations about dungness and a bunch of other stuff
last night i skated a min ramp just in the middle of the woods

Tuesday 4 August 2009

propper propper stoked

a while back Stefan Marx bought some illustrations of me i took this as a massive complement as somebody so high would want to buy some of my work
check out what Stefan does

Monday 3 August 2009


i haven't been drawing loads for the last week or so I'm keeping very occupied with skateboarding and collecting things but here are 2 illustrations i made in the last couple of days


some stuff

today Dan and myself got our hands on some old science stuff and a loads of animals in jars I'm well stoked to have got this lizard which has been preserved since the early 70s i also got a rag worm leches and some other strange pieces for my collection I'm well stoked on the chameleon


just some insects
my collection is getting quite big now

fast lines fat grinds

we will repair history as we agreed

Saturday 1 August 2009

here are picture of the collaborated piece by Dan singer pat McDonald and myself for the horse bridge show our piece of work sold within the first hour which is pretty cool last week Jenn Reid come and hang out it was real fun we found real starfish which I'm drying out went out for dinner in gypo central and heard and Indian playing a sitar in my bedroom that both scared us it was a real fun week