Saturday 30 July 2011

stella supply co

im really really stoked to be added to a list of some of the best skateboarders in england its an honour to be riding for stella a massive thanks to joey no go buy and support what real skateboarding is about


Monday 18 July 2011

mellow park

i got a few tricks in this edit from mellow park one of the best skatparks in the world

SECRET SPOT@MELLOWPARK from Mellowpark Berlin on Vimeo.

Thursday 14 July 2011

last thing...

last thing the road kill massive will be judging this comp on sataurday so come down as its gonna be pretty fun

berlin destruction

berlin was fucking rad it was so fun i went with the best road crew everyone was stoked the gill was there we got everything for free and skated the best stuff it was so rad
thanks to and stu and butrud at carharrt for sorting it out for me

love will tear us apart

its been a strange week after 5 long amazing fun filled years i have decide to leave lovenskate which has been the hardest decision ive had to make im now riding for heroin skateboards which has always been a dream stu smith has been one of the raddist people i have ever met and has helped me more then anyone i will miss you my brother
today marks the anniversary of my farthers death its been 8 years today
i love you and miss you very much

Tuesday 5 July 2011

part 2

ok here is the 2nd part of the day in my stupid life

stay carm please...

i filmed this thing for caught in the cross fire its me doing waht i do everyday finding it hard to fuction i just got home from paris it was fucking rad i met jake phelps and he was rad i think he liked me snelling got arrested we hang out with all the altamount guys and destoryed paris we skated so many spots and had such a good time the crew was me dan singer jake snelling dan ctaes and fos there is going to be some thing on it on the sidewalk site im going to belin on the 9th so it should be raal good i met this girl whos real sweet most gilrs are gay we meet tony truljo aswell and he was a faggot fuck that guy skateboarding is good the end