Friday, 3 December 2010


ive been drawing a lot looking out the window how white everything is is real nice like the christmas you always want christmas is still exciting im working on a step to step guide on how to shrink heads as now i know and have shrunken a few here is one drawing from the book in the middle of the pge the type will sit which im going to letter press im going to make a few of these for sale its a shame that most of the illustations are just a bit to big for my scanner but anyway here is a small fraction of my project when evevrything is done i will put a post showing the head i shrank itself aswell the book and more scans of the illustrations every night im watching cowboy films last night was lee van cleef in the grand duel its real good not to long utill christmas and till i can get the simpsons 11 season box set

singing out

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