Saturday 29 May 2010

see ya jenny no wiat look over there at what ummm

jenn reid broke up with me yesterday im real bummed its sad how people lie and screw you and how that words that seekm so real are just used im real upset its come as a shock im so stoked on her and its so how all people are so selfish and aggroent people use you and fuck you around to get what thay want i feel pretty ill the last month are so seems like evrything goes wrong all the time but im not a 16 year old i bought this amazing clarinet today its real,nice ive been messing around with it last couple hours that sound is amazing like fifth house but thats not using that instrument its good to see dan singer and john wayne collins again after so long aww i saw marriee siuox on wednesday night she was fucking unbelivble i felt like i was at school again with execitement then i talked to her and kissed her on the cheeck i want to fall in love with you mariee you woundent fuck me around lie to me then wave goddbye nah...probley im real stoked i leanrt back side nose grab distars yesterday and something elese cant remeber what i keep thinking of that jay adams photo carving in to the wall with his hand on his board its real good also thinking about jenny kissing some faggot kid fuck its gay im not sure im going top well miss her but there are so mkany pretty girls in the world ....reasuring myself right i dont even know i got an esraj mabey a month ago thats real hard to play it seems playing instruments is real fresh it feels ever so new drugs are gay drinking is stupid a sign of weakness its all ok ..right sam roberts is god jake snelling aswell
i will miss jenny reid loads like the fisrt time she went but this time shes not coming back its so hard to think about all the things she said but when we are togther is was good but aww well think now i can meet some amazing hindu woman that plays a sitar and has the most buitful meaning and she will fall in love with me now...mabey il hijack a bus nah joke SKATEBOARDING IS MY BESTFIREND 100%SKATEBOARDER
thank you

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Unknown said...

sorry to hear that man, but hopefully this means we can skate together more and like you say,plenty more fish in the sea! Plus it means you can go back to posting good skate/art related stuff on here instead of gay girl stuff! ha! HAVE IT MATE! Sam