Tuesday, 8 February 2011

h.o.r.s.e zine

my friend james puts out horse zines its really rad and so he is the newest instullment is really good and you should get one i intervied fos for it its got writings by dan singer jake snelling alex payne james and the one and only trawler there for quid check out all his works horsezine.blogspot.com

here is the piece of writing i have in it which im really stoked on

Its now long over I'm in the company of a shower ,food a perment bed ,some where to call my home. Everything in front of me is stable.
The simple act of traveling the land to participate in such a self-divulging act is one of many tricks that skateboarding holds in its ever gazing self.

The chance arose form me to travel to south America accomplishing me was Stewart smith the man who made as this possible, the man who in one sense had directed me to become an ambassador for a company,
Or in the mentality of a skateboarder to have a laugh and go skateboarding
We set of with many emotions and feelings inside us. happiness, the pure joy of destroying our everyday routines,
The lust of discovery, excitement sometimes loneliness, and in one strange sense fear

We where to become nomads, men of the road, gipiyes there. was no true plan other then to go skateboarding, have fun, taste the fine food and drink of other men, maybe experience romance, but mainly to fulfil the ever going mission of a being a skateboarder.

We where to travel down the anders from Quito in Ecuador then finial end up in la paz Bolivia. Where we going to make it? Was everything going to turn out fine? Where we going to experience what we set out to do? Who knows, who cares this was the thrill and main reason we sent out in the first place.

I could write a book about events, memorable experiences, even just the jokes made on the voyage but what would be the meaning. For other people just to look in on two good friends experience together to gain an understanding?
Looking at a globe with nothing but memory’s to help me remember. We travelled 1000s of miles, we become broken, bloodied, bruised, untamed we saw a awful lot of things but in reality we did not see anything. We did not travel far if. You run your finger from Ecuador to Bolivia on a globe the gap from the two is about half an inch, the continent of South America is huge, the world is huge, and we only witnessed half an inch.

As I continue to write. I remember clearly all the events that occurred during the trip. But I fail to shed light on them for there is no reason to trace back. My memories are rich and the thought of not being 10000 miles from this establishment I call home is bitter

But I know the thoughts I own. And the process of memory keeps me in a complete state of ecstasy. Time continues and that experience only grows older .I know that that are just days gone but there will be many more

Thank you Stewart smith

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