Monday 18 April 2011

the gonz

today i met mark gonzales it was wired i went to lovenskate to collect some stuff he was printing adidas stuff for the upcoming demo thing he said the gonz might drop by he said the gonz was satying in a hotel on the bottom of the road i write a note and walked it to the hotel to pass on as i walked in and there is the gonz sitting at the computer i said hello mark how you doing and put my hand out he replyed better then you jabbing me in the chest and smiled i then moved foward to scare him and he flinched we talked for a while and i have him the note he was quite shy and i must say to state a fact he was wired in a wired way its rad that i meet him i then said goodby reciving a slap on the shoulder alking out it a wired disbelif not really sure if it was a good convesation or not

on sataurday night i meet the one and only shirley collins which was amazing one of the best british folk singers ever and a very wounderfull woman

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