Thursday, 9 June 2011

heroin board

Craig Questions
What Can I say about Craig Questions? I first met him at the premier at "Live from Antarctica" where he proceeded to chew my ear off about 80's skateboarding and hasn't stopped since, and that was bloody 6 years ago. He's one of my favourite people and there's never a dull moment with him around. Craig lives and breathes skateboarding and if you don't like him, I can't imagine that he gives a fuck. What you see if what you get, from cutting the heads off dead animals for his skull collection to getting numbers off the hottest girls, Craig is a force of nature and I'm stoked to have his shitty artwork on the bottom of my board.

its taken a while but im fucking stoked fos has always been a very big idol to me and when he aksed me to do a graphic for his board it was an honour its strange to think when i was 14 it was dream to be any part of heroin or even just know fos but now ive done his graphic is a dream come try thanks brother

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