Tuesday, 20 March 2012

destruction the unabomber

most people are really thick everyone is controlled by face book social networking twiter myspace i'm not one to talk as i have a blog but it does not rue my life everyones always on phones or checking profiles dickheads....people cant go a day without a computer phone t.v it sucks then what about stuff like chatroulette get your tits out.....yeah alright whats up with everyone ...... every human being a complete mess everyone wants to hook up with girls all the time or get drunk and do drugs loads of faggot kids go on about Charles Manson or g.g allen being rad but there dicks my negative role model is the unabomber who decided to take a stand on technology sending bombs to destroy what rules us know all sounds pretty gay but think about so fuck chat roulette Facebook twitter and what ever else shit social sites are out there and online dating.....what the fuck is that about

the world is a confused mess

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"They (the Amish and Bruderhof Communities) stopped watching television when they realised their children weren't singing as much. They stopped using email when they realised that it wasn't improving communication, but rather had a destructive tendency. In a similar vein, Ted Kaczynski's credibility ended where his package bombs began. While we will never condone murder, it has yet to be acknowledged by any of our public intellectuals that Kaczynski had some very valid points to make about the failures of the technological society in providing the human species with a meaningful and purposeful way of life."
from an essay "What Is The Matrix" by Read Mercer Schuchardt, from the book "The Science, Religion, and Technology behind The Matrix"