Friday, 5 February 2010

and some other stuff

some more sketch book stuff for your eyes upon also i just got this Bernard Wrigley album today I'm fucking stoked Bernard himself sent t and even signed it it reminds me a lot of my childhood and of my farther i really miss the north

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Ali Tabrizi said...

hey craig, its ali, ow is everyting? ive been trying to contact you for a while, but no awnser, wrong number? old phone? i dno, anyway, i might come to swalecliffe park tomorow, hope to catch you there, i wanna take some photos of you , got my new film camera, developing and proccesing myself, its definatly an art.

call me on this 07816533960

i also met your cousin today, just skating with your roadkill T' on, and he was like yeh craigs my cousin. Cam?

anyway, im gonna give calling you a few more goes, and if not , i'll see you tomorow if your down..or the art exhibition..

stay well man.

Ali Tabrizi

see ya.