Thursday, 18 February 2010

history of a time to come show

here are some pictures of the set up of the history of a time to come it was really busy and really crazy to see our illustrations so big thanks to everyone who made this possible also we have a bunch of zines left if you want one just send me a s.a.e. email for my adress

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dave said...

yo craig...fookin' good to meet yer & dan et al. at the show, and good work, sterling stuff!...i'm busy making various bits & bobs currently, so i'll send 'em yourways once they're done...the bike ride back to london from herne bay nearly finished me off...gravesend is exactly like how it sounds!

i dont know if yer on facebook? but ifso, look up the lungfish fan page; there's a rad interview/montage thing with ol'higgs...proper steeze!

hope all's well in your world and your new national health service sponsorship is paying off...any chance you could request some morphine for me in your next package?! haha

until soon...

dave (88shadesofgreycrapzine)