Friday 20 August 2010

lovenskate tour

here are the tour dates for the good and evil tour come bye say hello buy a t shirt and skate this one is going to be fun

Monday August 23rd – Shoreham Skatepark
South Skate Shop - 12 am (ish)
Tuesday August 24th – Southsea Skatepark / Eastley Bowl
Bored Skate Shop - 11 am (ish)
Reskue Skate Shop - 5 pm (we hope)
Wednesday August 25th – Bournemouth Kings Park /
Midsomer Norton
Thursday August 26th – Glasto / Bristol / Newport
Freestyle Skate Shop - 5 pm (ish)
Friday August 27th – Hereford
Spine Skate Shop - 5 pm (ish)
Saturday August 28th – Ideal Ramp / Stoke Plaza
Ideal Skate Shop - 11 am (ish)
Sunday August 29th – Pump Cage / Central MCR / Black Pool
Big Woody’s Skate Shop - 5 pm (ish)
Monday August 30th – Freebird (Liverpool)
Drive Home.

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