Tuesday 10 August 2010

new road kill shirt

i just drew this new road kill shirt its gonna be a 4 colour print soon...well when i do the sepration for it i went to board masters this weekend it was fucking shit full of surf faggot and lads on a bender i remember why i never drank in the first my drinking and drugs days are over now i skate the best ramp ever wodden waves its 10 foot with 12 foot vert exetension its the best ramp i have ever skated i had so much fun there all the locals where fucking cool as well that got me a band to skte the vert ramp the next day i rolled in steped of and broke my toe so im out for some time now but i just got a new meleioden so i can spen the next week or so playing that resting up for the up coming lovenskate tour

1 comment:

HIROTTON said...

RAD! Wanna get it! Keep for me.